Ask These Questions To Your Hairstylist Prior To Buying Lace Closure Wigs!!

It would not be wrong to say that today’s market is flooded with different kinds of hair extensions and pieces and a lace closure wig is one amongst them! Needless to say, closures are one of a kind that provides ultimate protection to your natural hair, as they entirely cover up the scalp.

However, when it comes to partial weaves and sew-ins, hair is left out to properly mix with the weave and cover tracks. These types of styles are not always completely shielded similar to virgin lace closure wigs (as closures cover all your hair and still permit your weave to appear as it is coming out from your scalp).

Whether you believe it or not, virgin lace closure wigs are spectacularly awesome! But we understand that your mind is flooded with tons of queries, so to ease your brain, we have prepared a series of questions that you should consider before buying closures.

  1. Till how long a virgin lace closure wig lasts?

Well, how long the wig lasts depends upon how you maintain it, and on top, it’s quality! If you are planning to buy a virgin lace closure wig, then instead of focusing on cost, pay heed to the quality. A quality lace closure wig will last for years to come, especially when maintained properly.

  1. Is it possible to create baby hair with a virgin lace closure wig?

Yes, absolutely! Just like with frontals, you can do the same thing to create baby hair. All you need to do is- pluck and slit the hairline to make baby hair and then lay them out with some kind of bomb edge control.

  1. Do I need to pluck a virgin lace closure wig?

In case your closure is not pre-plucked, then you will need to pluck it. The main aim of plucking is- it offers a natural look. Moreover, you can do the plucking at the hairline.

  1. Are there ways to personalize a virgin lace closure wig?

Apart from plucking, you can make use of concealer as well as foundation to make the lace blend with your scalp.

  1. Can I bleach or dye a virgin lace closure wig?

Yeah, you can! You can dye or bleach your closures the way you do with frontals or bundles.

  1. To replace a frontal can I use a virgin lace closure wig?

However, you won’t be able to get the complete hairline as frontals, but you can customize it. In this manner, you can have a slight ponytail, baby hair, etc. Bear in mind; you may not be able to make an upward pony, but there are zillions of styles that you can get.

  1. Is it possible to reuse a virgin lace closure wig?

With proper care and maintenance, you can reuse a closure wig again and again for various hair looks and styles. This is one of the many things that make closure wig an apple of everybody’s eyes.

We hope the above-listed questions are enough for you to make a firm decision.  On the off chance, if you still have any queries, please feel free to contact us hassle-freely.

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